Mobile search has been widely affected after Google made its mobile-friendly update. The update shows websites and certain apps upon the SERP related to the keyword typed by the searcher. This encourages the installation of apps outside app store listings.

With people preferring mobile devices more for search purposes instead of desktops, visibility on mobile searches has become increasingly important. There are many ways through which an app can be listed on SERP. This helps you acquire new users for the app and helps you retarget the existing ones. 

This makes it pretty much clear that SEO is equally important as any other optimization for mobile apps. Although one can perform the SEO processes independently, it is advisable to seek help from SEO consultants for more effective results. 

Going through this article will help you discover all the factors that influence your app’s ranking in SERP. 


It doesn’t matter where you are applying your SEO strategy, and keywords have to be its main constituents. Experts SEO consultants in Perth can help you with the keyword research.

Finding the right keyword might be difficult, but you can take the help of Google Keyword Planner or any third-party app or even reach out to SEO consultants for doing so.

After this, you have to strategically place them in your app’s title or description for effective results. It will help you more if your app package holds your brand name and relevant keyword. That is because it eventually will be a part of your app store listing URL.

Reviews plus ratings

Reviews and ratings not only hold an impact on your ranking in app store search results but also influences your SEO. Search engine ranking factors are highly influenced by the reviews you get over the app store. Thus having good ratings and reviews is most important.

Standard backlinks

An SEO is incomplete without the application of standard backlinks. 

Most expert SEO consultants in Perth start by adding links to your download page from your website and then convince different media to talk about your app. Here, domain strength is considered the key influencer. And to hold a rank on the search page, you need to collect standard quality backlinks. 

You can even add a link to downloading your app on the header of the mobile version of your website or can even build a whole page dedicated to promoting your mobile apps. 

How does a user find your app on mobile search? 

After learning about the factors influencing ranking or search page, it is time to understand how the user finds your app on mobile search. There are certain steps you need to check to make sure your app ranks high, which are as follows:

  • Generic Search: App Packages

App packs are the most common way via which your app would appear on web searches. Studies even say that there is at least one app pack result in every ten mobile searches. 

  • Organic Brand Search: Single snippets

When someone searches for your app using long-tail keywords, your app store listing preview is shown. 

SERP arising from these long-tail searches usually shows single snippets straight from the app store, which includes various elements about your app, including an install button.

  • Content-specific app search: App Indexing

Search engines even rank internal app screens using app indexing. This simply means if a user has your app already installed on his mobile device. They can find specific app content on the search page. And by clicking on those content, users are directed to your app for viewing the same. This helps you boost the engagement of your existing customer. 

Final Take

By reading this article, you must have understood that SEO is an important element of marketing strategy, whether for a website or any specific mobile app and you should hire experienced SEO consultants in Perth to help you with the same. Although you can work on it after gaining basic knowledge about SEO, reaching out to SEO consultants is better.