Be it any platform when you are planning to buy a second hand bike proper research is necessary. In the long run it may save a lot of cash ensuring that you do not fall into a trap while making a purchase. No doubts to the fact you are likely to come across breath- taking deals online and without research do not purchase a bike. Exceptions are there till you are an experienced mechanic. Some stores sell second hand bikes which might be a tinge expensive than an online store. But you may have complete peace of mind that the condition of the bike is intact. The bike is expected to be in the best of working conditions.

The questions you have to ask when you are purchasing a second hand bike

A bike tends to bring out a lot of emotion among people. When it comes to the listing it is about joy and pride, hence a lengthy and in depth discussion is common, so you may end up informing the buyer a lot of things. The more in details better would be things, and make sure that you ask the necessary questions and obtain answers for the same.

Before you are planning to purchase a bike ascertain the general condition of the bike. Some of the parts may be broken and require some form of work. Some of the owners keep a record in terms of receipt of the bike as it is going to provide you with inputs about the service history of the bike.

Quality images would make a difference

A decent quality image is something that you might be looking for. No point in choosing sellers who rely on stock photos. If you are not able to figure out what you need in the ad then do not hesitate to ask them more. Photos turn out to be an ideal opportunity on how the owner has gone on to treat the bike. Numerous owners would showcase photos of a dirty bike. Such an approach might showcase the mind of a bike owner when it comes to maintainenace. On the other end the bikes that are photography immaculately reveals the positive traits of a bike owner. But this does not turn out to be the case always.

Keep handy money

No point in blowing your entire money on the bike itself. Ideally you need to set apart 10 % of the total budget for the maintainenace of the bike. If you are purchasing a second hand bike from a reputed seller it is not going to come with a warranty. So if it covers the fault you have to cover the cost of repair damage.

Be aware about the signs of damage or neglect

Just check whether the bike has not been subject to any form of damage or neglect. Even you may have to check that the frame of the bike is not damaged. This works out to be a few important pointers that a second hand buyer owner has to do. But searching for such things can be daunting or tricky if you are not an expert or not used to purchasing a second hand bike.

To begin the process of search you have to start off with the expensive components first. Then work yourself to the cheaper parts. Just take the example of a frame are there any dents or cracks on them. Pay due consideration to the carbon frames as any form of cosmetic damage might lead to a form of a structural issue which might sound obvious like a metal bike.

No harm in asking the bike owner about the number of miles he has clocked on the bike. No matter how well the bike is maintained, there are various types of consumables which is going to wear down the bike. If the bike looks new or in excellent condition check out the specifications of the bike. The original parts may be worn out and suggest some of replacement. Some of the parts could be prone to replacement if it is worn out.

With some type of brakes it is known to have a hard life. Bald tires and a rusty chain indicate neglect signs and it is better to keep away from such type of bikes till they are reflected in the condition. You may purchase them if you happen to be confident that you may obtain excellent results by using them.

Second hand suspension

If the bike has a first or second hand suspension just check out when did the last servicing take place. The oil condition would go on to have an impact on the performance of the engine as the oil would degrade over a period of time having an impact on the performance of the vehicle. Though the bushings would be inexpensive to repair, but a full set would end up costing a lot of money.

Rely on instincts

If anything works out true to be good, then a probability is that it is serious. If the seller is not going to make the situation easy for you then you could turn away. There is a strong possibility that you may find a similar bike from a seller later. If this works out to be the case, be patient and try to maintain your cool. Making a rash decision to purchase a bike from any seller could lead to drastic impact.

Take note of the scams and fakes

There is a saying that there is a lot of fake products out in the market which holds relevance when it comes to bikes. On the classified sites you may come across numerous bikes. Before planning to buy second hand bike online conduct a proper research that is going to give you an in depth analysis about the condition of the bike. Take note of the fact that the web world is full of scams, so any payment method that you are using should provide ultimate protection.