Don’t just treat the space for your car’s entry as an ordinary road. A seamless driveway gives ease and comfort going to your home. Sharing tips and ways how to redo driveway are long-time experts in concrete repair and driveway replacement

You can do your flooring makeover as the pros do it! All about driveways ahead!

Things to Consider when to Redo Driveway

Often, homeowners will not touch any aspect of their driveways. They leave it to the expert. But it will help best if the owner knows what occurs with redoing the designs and features in their properties.

Work on the following when thinking of redoing a driveway:

  • Type of materials existing in the driveway
  • Variety of materials to use for reconstruction
  • Time allotted for the project
  • Who should redo the driveway
  • Is DIY possible

It seems overwhelming to take all these factors when you want to recreate the space for your home’s entrance. So, with all those mentioned above, jump in quick to the next discussion. It’s your material to use.

Type of materials to choose for driveway redo

The following list shows you the popular options for paving the road for an attractive entryway.

  • Concrete driveways
  • Brick pavers
  • Stamped driveways
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Gravel Finish

You may have one of these paved on your properties at this moment. Somehow you either want a total overhaul of the flooring material and choose a new one. Or probably, you are heading towards a practical choice with a concrete driveway resurfacing. 

Now that you got a peek at the most preferred paving material, the next is to know how you will go about your driveway’s new look. Should you repair, replace, or refinish?

Draw the fine line between the different methods to redo your driveway up next.

Repair or Replace: Driveway Resurface Options

Resurfacing is a practical way to revamp the exterior floors. Concrete paving materials are durable. So if you have these on your properties, then no need for intense repair or replacement. 

Define the differences in how these methods go. Watch out for these essential steps:

Key Steps for Driveway Repair

Repair involves huge and minor damages. In this method, you will not need to replace or change the material. But whatever material you got, there are key processes to follow to ensure a successful job. Experts of driveway repair Cincinnati provide these essential steps:

  • Assess the extent of damage to repair.
  • Get familiar with common driveway issues (i.e., cracks, fading, spalling)
  • Fill holes and cracks
  • Proper curing time
  • Sealing and coating

Key steps for Replacement

A total overhaul will involve replacing the entire materials. Replacement is simply one material (ex: paver stones) to be changed into another material (ex: concrete).

There are additional steps for doing a replacement. Also, the cost will be much higher. So, what are those extra steps that make replacement a no easy feat?

  • Assessment of entire flooring area
  • Taking measurements of the entry road 
  • Planning the design to match with the materials
  • Hauling the old materials out
  • Grinding to pave the way for new material to adhere
  • Exterior floor preparation
  • Installation of new materials
  • Polishing
  • Sealing and coating

The replacement does not at all mean that you do this every time damages emerge on the surface. Sometimes, you perform this method even without a problem with the steps. 

Another confederation for repayment is simply a change of character, adding more curb appeal if that’s what you want. 

There are specific size requirements for building driveways. So, replacing the materials will take more time. It’s also more costly because you need to pay for a separate contractor for excavating the old driveway flooring. 

Ideas for Driveway Redo

Lastly, you need to plan the design that will go well with your chosen material. Check out the following. Here are the latest driveway designs to explore. And a final look of each to add to your home’s curb appeal. 

  • Mixed Stone

You can use this idea if you plan to combine your old material with new ones. You can have a combo of concrete and pavers or concrete and grassy surface.

  • Old-word Structure

A simple way to approach the driveway is with a classic appeal. A stamped design with concrete materials lets you have a modern classic style.

  • Unfinished look

This finish promotes the combination of innovation and sustainability. While the surface looks undone, it allows a natural look without the necessary decorative materials to cover the surface. 

This look applies to concrete, pavers, cement, or asphalt. The material is left bare with a final topping of thin polymer coating for protection.