CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. It is widely used for its ability to cause a feeling of calmness when consumed. Cannabidiol does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the active ingredient in marijuana that is responsible for the high that it is popularly known for.

In the United States, cannabidiol is legalized but with restrictions that vary from state to state. This is because the use and concept of this chemical compound is still to some extent in its infancy. Many people are yet to fully accept products and drugs made from CBD as safe and fit for consumption.

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways; however, gummies made with the chemical appear to be the method of consumption most favored by people. Other means of consuming it include, inhalation through vaping or smoking, sublingually through tinctures, and topically, by applying lotions produced with the chemical.

One can purchase wholesale gummies online and in brick-and-mortar stores to save money and cut restocking trips. But once they are purchased, storing them might be tricky. Here are five effective ways to store your cannabidiol candies.

  1. In a refrigerator or freezer

All snacks infused with CBD last longer when stored in a cool place. Snacks stored in a fridge can last for up to two weeks, although other edibles like oil and butter can last much longer when frozen. Gummies should only be refrigerated and not frozen.

  1. Away from moisture

CBD gummies stored in dark places with humid air are at a risk of mold infestation. To prevent this, jars containing these candies should be sealed tightly to prevent air from flowing through. Another option for dealing with moisture is by storing the candies with a food safe desiccant like dry rice. Visit https://www.cfs.gov.hk/english/multimedia/multimedia_pub/multimedia_pub_fsf_27_03.html to learn more about desiccants.

  1. Away from light

Storing your gummies away from excess light helps prevent molding that degrades the cannabidiol present in them. Light can also heat up the candies thereby causing the gelatin which is a binding agent to melt leaving the entire candy in a messy shape. Therefore, to prevent this, store gummies in dark glass jars or aluminum foils that can block light.

  1. In sealed containers

Containers that are hermetically sealed improve and increase the shelf life of foods. These containers keep air and bugs from getting in and so prevent decay. To be extra safe, these hermetically sealed containers should also be darkened to minimize the light that gets to the candies. Click here to learn more about hermetically sealed containers.

  1. In a stable environment

Storing your gummies in a cool, dry and dark place isn’t enough to preserve them. As important as those conditions are, having an environment with a stable temperature for their storage is equally as important.

When this cannabidiol infused candies are exposed to varying temperatures, physical properties like their taste and texture can be compromised. Consumers should also note that food and snacks stored in the door of fridges are subject to temperature fluctuations as the doors are open multiple times a day.

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Benefits of Gummies

  1. They are easy to ingest since they are in small sizes that can be eaten easily and on the go.

  2. They do not contain THC and so, no amount consumed can cause a high. Excess consumption would only cause you stomach upset as is the case with every other regular candy.

  3. The effect of cannabidiol in gummies is long lasting as compared to smoking which the effect is felt quickly and is short-lived.

  4. They are often disguised as regular candies and therefore can be consumed discreetly.

  5. They are easy to dose as instructions for consumption are always printed on their packets.

  6. They do not cause lung and throat irritation like smoking does.

  7. They have only two minimal side effects- dry mouth and a decrease in the ability to metabolize some form of medication.


The storage methods discussed above should work fine for most CBD edibles including gummies. However, some brands may require some special kind of storage for them to stay as long as wanted while remaining fresh and retaining their potency. Most times the best ways to store these products are printed on their packets. Alternatively, one could simply ask the store where they purchased them from for recommendations.