Imagine you need to reach a place urgently, and your bike battery dies, making it difficult for you to travel. How would you feel?

All things wear out if not maintained adequately. It is the same case with two-wheeler batteries as well. 

As per researchers, a two-wheeler battery will die if left unused for 2-5 months. If you keep your bike still for months, then the battery will lose its ability to recharge and will degrade quickly. Hence, keep your two-wheelers running as frequently as possible.

Let's take a deep dive into some valuable tips and tricks to maintain good battery life for your two-wheelers.

1) Do not expose your motorcycle to cold weather

Before explaining the reason for this to you, let's understand how two-wheelers work. When the positive and negative terminals of the battery connect, electrons produce an electrical current that starts the motorcycle. 

Interestingly, cold weather can hinder the process of generating currents. Hence, if you leave your bike in the cold for too long, it might not even start. And now you know what happens when the battery is completely discharged - it loses its ability to recharge. So, you would want to keep your two-wheeler away from cold weather.

2) Clean your battery regularly

Cleaning your battery is essential because batteries will not work if dust gets collected on top of them. Dust is a common phenomenon in humid regions. 

Even the battery terminals require regular maintenance—some experts advise cleaning with baking soda and water. Read your bike's handbook for additional guidance and consult an experienced mechanic if needed.

3) Spend a little more upfront

If you could chip in a bit extra towards buying a reputed bike, it would free you from future repair hassles. This is because you will be assured of purchasing a battery manufactured by trusted suppliers. Doing so will save you from several hindrances in the later years.

Research well before buying any bike. For electric bikes, try getting a battery warranty that will keep you protected. Consider opting for a two-wheeler loan to buy the bike of your dreams. A bike loan will help you possess world-class models without parting with too much money on day one. Make sure to check up on two-wheeler loan eligibility requirements before making a loan application.

4) Keep your battery seated safely

The rubber strap that keeps your battery in place should be maintained at all times. If the battery remains loose, then the distilled water and acid contained inside could spill out at any time. If that happens, then the acid will corrode the bike body and cause irreversible damage.


5) Keep your battery ventilated

If the battery vents are blocked or choked, then the hydrogen produced inside will not pass. Excessive hydrogen build-up can lead to an explosion, and you do not want that to happen. Ensure that you get your bike serviced regularly and incur the required expenditure to keep it in good condition.

Do not shy away from taking a two-wheeler loan. A loan today can save you the big bucks on repairs tomorrow. To plan a purchase wisely, make use of the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator provided by lenders.

6) Avoid faulty wiring

A lot of riders only pay attention to battery problems when their mechanic points them out to them. This is not the right approach. A bike owner must take regular battery inspections seriously.

If the bike's wiring is faulty, it will harm the working of the battery and cause immense damage to the other parts of the motorcycle. Do not delay a repair, as a delay could cost you a lot more.


Always keep your two-wheelers in good condition and take steps to improve their battery life. Take a bike loan to meet expenses and use it judiciously.