Have you ever had so much stuff that you don't know what to do with it? I bet many of us have. With spring break coming up soon, maybe you'll finally have the time to sort through everything and get rid of some of your items. If you're not sure what exactly to get rid of, then perhaps these chrome hearts hoodie items could help give you an idea:

Fashion Trends

Do any of these tops look familiar? They were all worn by Demi Lovato at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2012 (Lovato is a very popular singer). As seen in the picture, they are similar because they all consist of multiple layers with different patterns on top of each other. 


These skirts are called 'A-line skirts'. They are very popular right now, especially because they create an hourglass look that is in style. 


To go along with the A-line skirt trend, heeled boots are also very popular right now. These particular ones have a zipper on the side so you can slip them on and off without having to tie or buckle anything. What brands are these? You might recognize some of the labels from your own closet! The shoes listed above are by Steve Madden, BCBG Max Azria, Journee Collection, Sam Edelman, Betsey Johnson, Charlotte Olympia, Bakers, Kate Spade, See by Chloe, and DvF. You can find these brands on Amazon or at a store near you.

Get rid of the items above in a number of ways:

You could take photos of each item and post it on a website such as Anti social social club shop for others to buy. When doing this though, be sure not to have your face in any pictures so there is no way anyone would recognize who you are. 

Give your items away free to someone (a friend or family member who will use it). Just make sure they know where you got it from beforehand! 

If none of the above sound like something you'd want to do, you could always donate items to a charity that accepts them. 

Don't let your extra clothes clog up your closet! Get rid of the stuff you don't wear or want anymore by selling it or giving it away. If you still aren't sure what you should get rid of, look at the trends above and see if any of those might be in style soon. 

Conclusion paragraph: 

If you're looking for a way to sell your unwanted fashion items, we have some advice. We've compiled the most popular and profitable ways of selling clothing online so that you can make money without having to deal with bulky clothes-filled boxes or yard sales. Take a look at our list below and see if any work for you! -Take pictures of each article of clothing on its own; don't use stock photos from other websites -Be sure to keep it simple when writing descriptions (no more than 100 words) -Put as many images as possible in order to show different angles and colors -Price reasonably; people are less likely to buy something they think is overpriced.