As your class 11 final exams are around the corner, you must be busy with the last-minute preparations and revision. You may be wondering what topics to focus on more for you to do well in your exam. For you to score well in your exam you need to know what chapter you should pay more attention to. This completely depends on the weightage of the chapters of the syllabus. Since physics is a subject that has a variety of concepts, you have the liberty to give your attention to the most important ones. 

For a subject like physics, you need to know what chapters are more important as compared to the others. It can be a fun and interesting subject, but at the same time, it might be slightly difficult to master. It is also important for you to solve different types of problems, which will help you understand the chapters better. Physics is one of the most critical subjects of Science. It deals with different kinds of properties of matter and nature. It is the base of many scientific subjects that you may take some time to understand in your future.

For class 11 physics, it is important for you to have a grasp on the subject as it has many formulas and fundamental concepts that will help you understand your CBSE class 12 physics. Apart from this, physics is also one of the core elements of engineering. Therefore, you need to make sure you get your basics right if that’s what you want to pursue.

Here are some of the important class 11 physics chapters that you should know:

  1. Chapter 1: Physical World

Chapter 1 of class 11 physics CBSE talks about Physical World. This chapter just talks about the introduction of physics. It is a chapter that you can just go through for self-awareness about the subject. However, from the examination point of view, there are not many questions that can or will be asked from this chapter.

  1. Chapter 2: Units and Measurement

Chapter 2 of class 11 physics is about Units and Measurement. It includes units of physical quantities and the techniques you can use to evaluate them. Under this chapter, some of the important concepts and topics include SI units, Absolute Errors, Significant Figures, and Dimensional Analysis. From the examination point of view, this chapter is important as there are numerical questions that you can expect from this chapter. However, this chapter does not require intensive preparation and practice.

  1. Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight line 

Chapter 3 of class 12 physical talks about Motion in a straight line. This is an important chapter that you must know. Under this chapter, some of the important topics and concepts include Average Velocity and Average Speed, Instantaneous Velocity and Speed, Relative Velocity, and finally Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion. In the chapter, the graphical representation, and interpretation of accelerated motion is an important concept that you need to know. There are many important questions that are frequently asked from this concept in terms of graphical representation. Apart from this, you must know all the numericals in this chapter. The questions are often asked in various forms. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to this chapter and if you have time you can even practice a few extra numericals. 

  1. Chapter 4: Motion In a Plane

In chapter 4 class 12 physics, Motion In a Plane, you will need to pay close attention to all the problems. Some of the important topics of this chapter include Vector Operations, Resolutions of Vectors, Motion of Object in Plane, and Projectile Motion. You should know that direct questions are not frequently asked from this chapter. However, vector addition, multiplication, and so on are used in every third problem in class 12 physics. Hence, it is important for you to know these concepts very well. Apart from this, numericals from the motion of objects in the plane are very important. Overall, this is a very important chapter and has equal weightage as compared to all the remaining chapters.

  1. Chapter 5: Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion, Chapter 5 Class 11 physics, is an important chapter for you to learn. Some of the important concepts of this chapter include Newton's First Law of Motion, Newton's Second Law of Motion, Newton's Third Law of Motion, Conservation of Momentum, Circular Motion, and Problem Solving in Mechanics. This is one of the most important chapters in mechanics. You should know all the three laws of Newton and you should be able to relate these laws to your daily activities. You should also know that there are many numerical that are generally asked from this chapter. Apart from numerical other quality questions are also asked frequently.

  1. Chapter 6: Work, Energy, and Power

Chapter 6 of class 12 physics talks about Work, Energy, and Power. Some of the important topics in the chapter are Work-Energy Theorem (variable force), Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy, Law of Conservation of Energy, Potential Energy of a Spring, and Collisions. In this chapter, you need to know all the derivations available. There are not many theoretical questions that are asked from this, however, there are many numerical questions that are frequently asked. Some of the numerical questions that are asked include conversion of energy and conservation, as well as kinetic and potential energy. You also need to know the work done as there are many questions that were asked in the concept.

Other important chapters in class 12 physics include Chapter 7 Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion, Chapter 8 Gravitation, Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter, Chapter 12 Thermodynamics, Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory, Chapter 14 Oscillations, and lastly Chapter 15 Waves. Once you know the important concepts to study in these chapters you will be able to ace your final exams. It is recommended that you use revision notes, sample papers, textbook solutions, and other question banks to understand the most important class 11 physics chapters.