It is already possible to start with predicting which clubs will be considered favourites for the next NHL play-offs. It was an amazing playoff run and the Stanley Cup was won by Tampa for the second year in a row, on which one could bet on the platform. So, let us name the top ten contenders for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2022.

First comes the current champion, Tampa Bay Lightning. The team's top five stars: 

  1. Andrei Vasilevskiy;
  2. Victor Hedman;
  3. Nikita Kucherov;
  4. Brayden Point;
  5. Steven Stamkos!

Tampa should retain a capable championship squad with which it has taken two consecutive Stanley Cups, and thus profitable to wager on 1xBet. Only power forwards Barkley Goodrow and Blake Coleman are in danger of being lost, and some forward with a contract of five million dollars according to expansion draft picks should be picked up by Seattle. But the main stars will remain, the cup experience isn't going anywhere, the same coaching staff and management office. 

Main contenders for the next for the Stanley Cup to bet live games 1xBet

The Colorado Avalanche won the regular season, taking the President's Cup. Many experts considered the Avalanche almost the main contender for the Stanley Cup to bet live games 1xBet. They had a very strong, balanced roster, led by McKinnon, who averaged 1.38 points per game in the playoffs. Just as long as there were no injuries.

Vegas Golden Knights is getting stronger every year, and the same star defenseman Pietrangelo has fit in nicely after transferring from St. Louis, becoming in the playoffs the club's second-leading scorer (4+8).

Boston Bruins played in the playoff final in 2019, and were considered favourites against St Louis, but lost in the seventh game. Boston has one of the best trios in the NHL, with Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnjak lighting it up to bet 1xBet live games. The team is rebuilding and revamping its roster. 

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Carolina Hurricanes' sixth place finish may seem questionable to you. But Carolina won the Discover Central Division, where, by the way, Tampa played. This is a very young and gifted team that should be progressing vigorously. So, take your chance to bet on it or play at 1xBet live casino online. 

Since Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, they have had too many problems in the last playoffs. Goaltender Ilya Samsonov suffered a nasty injury, Kuznetsov fell into a moping phase, or both of them were caught up in the Covid-protocol. But the potential for betting on this team is still evident, or rest in the online live casino 1xBet.

Toronto Maple Leafs owns the longest streak in NHL history without a Stanley Cup. The Canadian team hasn't been able to take it since 1967. And the Maple Leafs have already lost a dozen consecutive clincher games, a win in which would have propelled Toronto to the next round.