The study is the most crucial part of any students' learning journey. Since the majority of students learn or gather their knowledge or subjects' learning through some schools. Most schools follow the NCERT syllabus throughout the country. It becomes crucial for students that they understand the pattern and solve the NCERT questions. 

This learning period is critical and essential for any growing student. So to make sure whatever students learn, they can grasp those concepts finely and use those learning ahead in their lives.

The teachers play an integral role in every students' learning journey. They inspire students and motivate them to achieve their highest potential. But many students, as well as parents, believe that only teachers are enough for students to do well in their respective studies. But usually, that is not the case. Even good teachers also inspire and show direction to students to work on their own to find solutions to their problems.

For that, self-study becomes an essential part of any student's learning. When students equally focus on self-study, that's where notes come into the picture or students' learning journey. Both self-study and creating own notes go hand in hand for every student. After reflecting some light on students' learning process or journey, let's focus on the question.

  • Do students of Class 4 need Class 4 Maths Book PDF NCERT notes, especially for the Maths subject?
  •  Do they need to create their notes or arrange them from someone else?

Well, first focus on the reasons for these Class 4 Maths Book PDF NCERTquestions and then try to understand whether notes help students in some ways or not.

The reasons for these questions might be:

  •  Some parents think class 4 is an early class for students, and they don't need to put pressure on students.
  • Maths is a subject to solve problems, students don't require notes for this subject.
  • Students don't need to spend time creating notes, they can use that time to learn further.
  • Whether students or parents, don't find any value in it.

Importance of Notes

Let's try to understand how notes can help students in learning and some benefits associated with it. If all of these seem logical or make sense to students then they can employ them in their learning journey.

Students in class 4 usually spend 2- 3 hours for their study at home. Most of that time is spent on their homework and some of it on their learning. When students learn any concept, they find a few points which are essential in that topic. ( Don't underestimate students, they are smart enough to find those). Students focus on those points try to learn those. They understand and learn those points by spending their time on them. But since students constantly learn new concepts for every subject and with each new concept there are numerous points, hence they tend to forget earlier topics points. 

It is one of the reasons why students face a hard time when they learn those earlier topics for some exams. In most cases, they won't able to solve questions on those topics. Even if they try to revise that topic, at this moment, students need to spend way more time and effort, to learn that same topic.

But students can avoid all this unnecessary hassle and struggle from their learning process. The solution is quite simple to solve this issue. Students need to make notes of those crucial points when they learn those for the very first time. Because at that time, students have a different understanding of that topic. They might have some crucial points and learning of the topic in their mind. So they must take notes at that time and use those notes to take a fresh look at those topics at that time of revision.

Benefits Of Notes

After discussing the importance of notes, let's check some benefits which are associated with taking notes. These benefits might encourage students to include notes in their learning process.

  • It helps to clear thoughts relative to that point. The reason is simple when any student writes their thoughts or crucial points on paper, they also verify it subconsciously. It helps them to understand those points better, stay in their mind for a longer period.
  • It becomes a go-to point when students, solving problems or practice questions.
  • It reduces the time of revision for every exam.
  • It boosts students' confidence when they see how quickly they can revise that topic.
  • It helps to develop an integral habit in the early age of students. The habit of self-study, the habit of taking notes and learning.
  • Finally, it improves the quality of their learning, which is the most critical aspect of learning.

These are some of the benefits of taking notes. But students need to understand the inherent benefits of taking notes. Such a simple habit of self-study or taking notes might become a move changer in their learning journey. It can give new measures to 

  • How did students learn any new concepts?
  • How do they approach any topic?
  • What are the things they need to keep in mind while taking notes?


All the above points are to encourage a crucial and essential habit of taking notes while students give dedicated time to self-study. Every good habit or skill needs to go through an iterative process. This iterative process includes all the changes one makes to improve that habit.

When students start early in this process, they can understand the things that are working for them. They have an ample amount of time to dedicate to this process or skill, and eventually with time improve it according to their needs.

Early age is the time to develop these essential habits. Because class 4 student is smart enough to understand the benefits and crucial points associated with any process. At this time, if students are introduced to or employ such habits in their daily activity, then it can help them ahead at every step of their journey.

These are some of the points related to taking notes for Maths subject of class 4 students.