Online shopping has seen exponential growth during the last few years. In fact, the recent pandemic has forced people to change the way they shop. Be it their basic necessities such as groceries or high-value purchases like jewelry, people are buying almost everything online. Fans, too, are no exception, and therefore, the online sale of fans has shot up substantially during the last few years. We, therefore, asked people what makes them buy fans online. This is what most of them told us.

  1. They get access to a wider range of options.

One of the most prominent reasons people prefer buying fans online is that it gives them access to a wide range of buying options. Unlike physical stores that can't keep all fan models because of space constraints, the online portals have all the models available on them. 

  1. Everything’s available on a single platform.

When shopping at physical stores, one has to move from one store to another as every store has a limited model of different brands. In fact, single-brand stores don’t even have fans of other brands. Online shopping allows customers to buy fans online without having to run from one store to another.

  1. It is convenient.

Many people don’t like to shop at physical stores because they don’t like driving in the traffic and hunting for parking space, especially on peak shopping days. According to them, online shopping is more convenient as it allows them to buy things from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere they are located.

  1. They get better offers/discounts.

Online shopping allows companies to sell directly to the customer. As a result, companies earn more because there’s no middleman involved. Companies, therefore, pass on a part of their profit to their customers by offering better prices/discounts to their customers. 

  1. Online shopping offers freedom from pushy salespeople.

We don’t mean any offense to the salespeople but the fact is that there are times when some salespeople get too pushy. Online shopping allows customers to shop in peace without any unsolicited advice. The good thing is that just in case one needs support, there’s online help available.

  1. It helps them avoid long queues at the POS.

One of the major downsides of shopping at physical stores is the time one has to spend while standing in those long queues at the Point of Sale. Also, after the recent pandemic, people have realized the importance of social distancing and so they prefer avoiding crowded places, if possible.

  1. There are no time restrictions when buying fans online.

Physical stores at malls or in the market have fixed timings. This is a big downside for those working till late hours as the shops/stores get closed by the time they get free. And just in case they manage to finish a little early, still, they need to rush to the store before it gets closed. With online shopping, there aren’t any such restrictions. One can shop online 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  1. Online shopping portals such as Luminous offer a great shopping experience.

Reputable brands like Luminous India have built customer-friendly portals that are easy to navigate and offer a great shopping experience. The portals have a unique feature where customers can sort the products based on specifications, prices, fan types, and more. This makes things easy for the customers as they don’t have to spend time browsing through the entire range of products.

Yet to take the plunge?

If you haven’t experienced online shopping already and are still stuck with the traditional shopping style, what’s a better way than shopping at Luminous India’s online portal, a platform known for delighting customers. We bet that after you visit the portal, you will not just switch to online shopping but will also start promoting online shopping to the ones who are yet to take the plunge. 

Happy Online Shopping !!!