Regular practice is really vital while playing a carrom board game, and this is especially true when playing it on the internet. We discovered that however much time it would take us to understand how to utilize strikers and perform effectively in games by engaging in the frequent practice. The game is really entertaining, and there are other online gaming platforms, such as the Getmega app, in which you can play carrom online as well as compete for real money on a regular basis. To your surprise, it has the potential to be a reliable source of money if you approach it in the proper way. So, let's have a look at the five most effective strategies for increasing your chances of winning in an online carrom board game.


1.Comfortable position


Before you begin playing the carrom board game, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable spot. If you are sitting in a position that does not make you feel comfortable, it will also be tough to sustain your equilibrium. Calm your body and also get rid of all of your mental stress; this will assist you in planning and playing the game in an effective manner.


2.Styles of Striking


Among the most effective carrom strategies for improving your game is to become familiar with and use a variety of hitting techniques. Break shots and carrom men may be potted using six distinct sorts of hitting tactics, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Various striking styles involve employing a middle finger and thumb, an upright long fingerstyle, an index finger approach, an index finger & thumb style, a middle fingerstyle, a middle finger & thumb style, a thumbshot, and more. 


3.Trick shots should be practiced


Here’s how you can become pro at carrom board

One might experiment with various hitting tactics and trick shots to see what works best. Along with the scissor-style, the index finger, middle finger, as well as thumb are commonly used to cut food. The rebound is a trick shot that every carrom board player should be familiar with since it comes in useful much too frequently when playing carrom. You should avoid making abrupt changes to your flicking technique since this will only bring more damage than benefit. Put your palm firmly in place and strike as near as you possibly can do it with your fingers for direction, rather than attempting to improve on your existing one;


4.In the Right Direction


Along with appropriate speed, the correct direction in which the striker is propelled is also critical in order to pot the carrom men. In order to make a cut shot at an exact angle, for example, you'll need to use a little bit more effort. While practicing the cut positions to pot the carrom men, you will learn how to send the striker in the proper direction for maximum effect. Check the board, the location of the pockets, the baselines of either the edges, as well as the carrom men that are obstructing the target coin in order to provide the striker with the proper direction and speed.


5.Focus on the Queen 

A carrom board guide would be inadequate if it did not place a strong emphasis on the queen. If a player has pocketed and covered the queen, they must also have pocketed and covered a piece from their color. It is not necessary to cover the queen in order to proceed. The round is completed, and the queen is put in the center. Even if you are still unable to pocket the queen, you may still make it extremely difficult for your opponents to cover the queen by positioning the pieces in a non-pocketing orientation. This prevents your competitor from scoring and allows you to subsequently attempt to grab the money, increasing your odds of exceeding your opponent.


Bonus point 


Master Board Shot 


It is one of the most popular carrom techniques among professional carrom board players. If you want to utilize or master this technique, it will need more quality and reliability than usual; therefore you must refrain from doing so unless you are completely confident in your ability to do it. Your entire game will be ruined if you fail to execute this technique correctly, and you will be left with only your trunk.


When using this shot, you must strike the striker in such a manner that the striker hits 3 independent sides of the carrom board, as well as the striker must return to packers with a piece in your side pocket.



People may now play carrom board games even more easily than ever before thanks to the internet! Because in order to play the very first carrom board game, you needed to have at least two, three, or four players alongside you! However, you may now play carrom board online with anybody who has access to the internet. It would be the most effective method to forget about all of the tension and aggravation of the day and to inject some energy and enjoyment into your life by playing Carrom online.