In cricket there is a concept called the extra. It refers to runs that are awarded to a specific team. However, they are not scored by a specific batter. Instead, they normally correspond to penalties that are handed to one of the squads. Punters can visit 1xBet bookies India to wager on the likelihood of a penalty being awarded.

One kind of extra is known as the penalty run. As its name suggests, it is an extra run obtained by a team when the opposing squad breaches one of the rules of the game. Most of the time they are awarded due to misconduct of a player or if a team is playing in an unfair manner. Punters can visit the 1xBet India bookies in order to wager on the occurrence of these events during a match.

Types of penalty runs

There are three Laws of the game that explicitly mention reasons for which a team might receive penalty runs. They cover different aspects of the sport. When great games of this highly entertaining sport are being played, punters can visit 1xBet - best live cricket betting on lots of matches. These laws refer to three specific elements:

  • the fielders;
  • unfair play;
  • and players’ conduct.

The fielders aspect may be summarized as follows. For example, a team will be penalized with five runs if a fielder uses any element other than his own body to touch a ball. This can include things like the hat or any other part of his clothing. The best live cricket betting can be made on 1xBet, which also provides chances to wager these aspects of the game.

Unfair play and players’ conduct

The other two reasons for which a team might receive penalty runs are related to unfair play and players’ conduct. For example, in the case of unfair play, penalty runs can be awarded if a fielder has entered the field without permission from the umpire. This can also happen if the batter has been obstructed in an unfair way. Just like cricket players, kabaddi fighters must also behave properly, and is a fantastic place to wager on them.

Wasting time is also seen as a form of unfair play during a cricket game. This can also result in penalty runs being handed out.

In the case of players’ conduct, this refers to specific actions made by players that go against the spirit of the game. For example, they can be handed if a player uses offensive language. Also, having violent conduct against umpires or fellow players can also result in penalty runs. As it can be seen, cricket is a sport with lots of different aspects, and 1xBet allows its members to wager on many of them.