Whether there is an electricity cut due to maintenance checks, load shedding, or system malfunction, inverters always come to the rescue. And it is almost impossible to do without power backup setups, especially during India’s extremely hot summer season. Even better, now we have a wide variety of inverters to choose from, which are also packed with the latest smart features. 

But one aspect about inverters that many people don’t know is that there are both single-battery inverters and double-battery inverters available today. Although the names are somewhat self-explanatory, you should know the difference between the two. Doing so ensures that you buy an inverter that meets your needs and is worth the investment. Thus, this guide will shed light on single-battery inverters and how they work, so stay tuned! 

Image Source: Luminous India

The Basics of a Single-Battery Inverter 

As the name suggests, a single-battery inverter is designed to support one 12V battery. This means that there are a total of 6 cells having 2V capacity, thereby giving an output of 12V. The battery can be of any type, be it Flat-Plate, Tubular, GEL, or SMF; however, it varies from one inverter setup to another, and depends on several factors. 

On the other hand, a double-battery inverter can support a 24V system, consisting of two 12V batteries that are fitted in a series connection. Thus, the main difference between the two inverters is the number of batteries that can be installed. 

It is also important to know that all standard inverters are single-battery inverters and offer average efficiency compared to double-battery inverters. But they can be used to run essential household appliances, such as CFL bulbs, tube lights, fans, coolers, etcetera. However, if you wish to run heavy-duty appliances and equipment during an electricity cut, it would be best to go for a double-battery inverter. 

Single-Battery Inverters That Are Worth the Investment 

Now that you know the basics of single-battery inverters, let’s look at some options you can consider investing in: 

  1. The Regalia 1530 

Image Source: Luminous India

If you’re on the lookout for single-battery inverters offering impeccable performance and efficiency, the Regalia 1530 is an excellent choice. The inverter has a unique wall-mounted design, 3x faster charging, 1500VA capacity, in-built Wi-Fi functionality, touch-screen display, and pure sine wave output. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider the next option as this single-battery inverter is a bit on the pricey side. 

  1. The ICon 1100 

Image Source: Luminous India

An affordable single-battery inverter, the ICon 1100 is perfect for household use. It supports tubular batteries of up to 220 Ah capacity and also offers fast low voltage charging that keeps the battery in optimal condition. You also get a next-generation design that makes water topping up quick and hassle-free. And pre-installed LED indicators help you keep track of the inverter setup’s performance. 

  1. The Optimus 1250

Image Source: Luminous India

Another budget-friendly single-battery inverter is the Optimus 125o, which supports a wide range of batteries, including Flat-Plate, Tubular, and SMF. The device has a 1100VA capacity with 924W of rated power and pure sine wave output, which is suitable for sensitive appliances. Plus, you get an LCD screen that displays performance statistics, helping you ensure proper care and maintenance. 

  1. The Shakti Charge Neo 1450

Image Source: Luminous India

Equipped with square wave technology, the Shakti Charge Neo 1450 is a high-performance single-battery inverter with 1100VA capacity. It has an in-built battery gravity builder that helps enhance battery life, plus there are also 4 different charging modes for improved protection. Additionally, you also get quick-charging technology and 24 months of warranty coverage. 

So, that concludes our list of some of the best single-battery inverters you can invest in. Luminous’ inverters are not just top-quality but also efficient and feature packed. And the brand is also reliable and reputable, making Luminous your one-stop shop for power solution products. Explore their website now!